F5J in Hollister 2019 Tour event


September 14 and 15, Saturday and Sunday F5J in Hollister.

Please note that the pilots meeting has been moved to 8:00AM due to winds in the afternoon.

This is part of the national F5J tour and should draw some top pilots.

For timing and scoring we will be using Glider Score.  Scores will be entered via a cell phone via the Glider Score app.  Timing will be announced via radios on the launch lanes.  There will also be an LED clock.  Each round will have at least one judge.  Judges recommendations will be given to the CD and the CD has the final call on the ruling.

Parking is limited to 4 cars on the field.  Please let us know if you will need to drive to the launch area and we will provide transport.  Pilots may drive in with equipment, planes etc and drop them off.  After we ask that you remove your car to the parking lot

Lunch will be provided at a cost of $15 per day.  Burrito options of beef,chicken, veg. Pilots please bring exact change.

Hotels:  There are hotels in Hollister about a 10 minute drive to the field.  Monterey is a pleasant hour away as well for motels.