SBSS RC Groups Page:

This page provides current and historical information regarding SBSS activities and general information.

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South Bay Soaring Society - YouTube 

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AMA RC Soaring Competition Rules:

AMA RC Soaring 2022-2023

AMA / FAI Competition Classes for Sailplanes:

F3B: RC Multi-Task Gliders

F3F: RC Slope Soaring Gliders

F3H: RC Soaring Thermal Duration Gliders

F3K: Hand Launch Gliders (DLG)

F3Q: RC Aero-Tow Glider

F5B: RC Electric Powered Multi-Task Gliders

F5K: RC Electric Launch Multi Task Gliders Max 1.5 Meter Wingspan

F5J: RC Electric Powered Thermal Duration Gliders

ALES: Altitude Limited Soaring Gliders