Soaring Competition

SBSS hosts monthly thermal duration contests at our club field, Brigantino Park, in Hollister, CA. The contests are open to any AMA member pilot and take place on the last Sunday of every month. Since our field at Brigantino Park is a registered FRIA site, remote ID devices are not required.

Announcements for each contest are posted on the RCG forum. Here is the link:

We typically fly Open class and, depending on who shows up, we may also fly ALES and RES classes.

For more information, please contact Steve Lewis, Competition manager at 

AMA / FAI Competition Classes for Sailplanes:

F3B: RC Multi-Task Gliders

F3F: RC Slope Soaring Gliders

F3H: RC Soaring Thermal Duration Gliders

F3K: Hand Launch Gliders (DLG)

F3L: 2 Meter RES Hi-Start Launch (formerly F3RES)

F3Q: RC Aero-Tow Glider

F5B: RC Electric Powered Multi-Task Gliders

F5K: RC Electric Launch Multi Task Gliders Max 1.5 Meter Wingspan

F5J: RC Electric Powered Thermal Duration Gliders

ALES: Altitude Limited Soaring Gliders

AMA RC Soaring Competition Rules:

AMA RC Soaring 2022-2023

Contest Information and Results

F3X Vault : Competition information, model specifications, contest scoring resources

2nd Annual Dave Murphy/Don McCullough Memorial F5J Handout

See participants photo below.