Some suggested sites for Gliders, Radios, Flight Simulators, Batteries, Adhesives, etc.:


Dream-Flight  Libelle and Alula and accessories

Lilienthal : Aero-naut Lilienthal 40 Glider Kit only $71

Yellow Jacket : Sonoran Arts Yellow Jacket 2m RES  

J&H Aerospace : RC & Free Flight Kits and Accessories  

Retro RC & Free Flight Kits & Accessories  

Armsoar : RES & DLG Gliders (Medina, Deviant, BAMF2), FrSky Radios, Servos, LiPo Batteries 

DLG / HLG for Newbies, for Starters, and for Kids on FaceBook  

HyperFlight : UK Glider Site ; check out the Purito 2m RES - often seen at KMS way up in the shy.

Purito Segler 2m RES :  Purito 2m RES kit from the original German site : Electric gliders and accessories

Soaring USA : Gliders, scale, slope, electric, supplies, parts, accessories

Aloft Hobbies : Gliders, scale, slope, electric, accessories, carbon fiber, located in Novato

FlightComp : Gliders, scale, slope. electric, parts, accessories

Soaring Lab : check out the Vince 2 m F3L RES 

Zeller-Modellbau : gliders and model supplies

Flight Simulators:

Realflight RC Flight Simulator  

PicaSim  Free RC Flight Simulator for Apple, Android, and Windows 


Sheldon's HobbiesSan Jose Local Hobby Shop for Spektrum RC Radios, Parts, Adhesives   

AeroFoam-Products  : Complete 2 Meter HiStart and HiStart accessories  

Batteries America :  Batteries, connectors, etc.  

StarBond  : Adhesives, CA, Epoxy  

Excel Blades : Tools and blades

McMaster-Carr : Hardware, tools, raw materials

RC Digital Battery Checker RC on Amazon 

Servo Tester and Alignment Device on Amazon 

DU-BRO : RC Supplies for build and repair  

Hansen Hobbies;  connectors, wire, crimps, tools

F3X Vault : Competition information, model specifications, contest scoring resources

Mike' Ethos Hangar : FrSky Ethos templates, programming ,